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Tarot Reading in Belper

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You can accompany me for a tarot reading, during which I establish a connection with both my spirit team and yours. Through this link and my clairsenses, I offer insights, guidance, and support during challenging times or when you seek answers. Loved ones also come through from time to time with love and comfort.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

You may find that spiritual life coaching is the support you're seeking. We can connect either in person at the centre or online through any platform, meeting weekly or bi-weekly to navigate through my structured awakening plan. Through spiritual life coaching you will learn the five levels of SELF—the self, mindset, emotional, physical and spiritual. We will also meet any objectives you may have personally.

Examining these five essential aspects of SELF you will pave the way for a deeper understanding of your identity, guided by spirit. The journey ends with a better understanding of how to connect with your higher self and spirit team, how to connect and nurture your inner child and having an overall profound connection with who you truly are. Along the way, you will receive healing, crystals, books and anything else that I feel would benefit you personally on your journey.

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The healing centre includes a workshop space where you can access various weekend or day workshops, enhancing your spiritual journey. These workshops cover a range of topics, from understanding energy to crafting bath salts with intention, along with many other offerings available throughout the year.

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Intuition is a special place full of angel energy, a healing centre in the heart of Derbyshire, in Belper, a beautiful tourist town.
Whether you discovered Intuition through recommendations or came across us by chance, rest assured that we have something for every aspect of your spiritual journey.